Greatest Rivalries in SportsZach Lennon and Currey Nobles
Why do we love rivalry? Rivalry gives us a chance to be absorbed in raw competition. The love of the game is the pulse of rivalry; there is something about triumphing over a great foe that provides no greater sense of accomplishment. Rivalry is pure. Rivalry is passion.

Table of Contents:
  1. UNC vs. Duke (College Basketball)
  2. Yankees vs. Red Sox (Major League Baseball)
  3. Texas vs. Oklahoma (College Football)
  4. Ohio State vs. Michigan (College Football)
  5. Lakers vs. Celtics (National Basketball Association)
UNC vs. Duke

UNC vs. Duke

1995 UNC Duke
Hard Foul on Tyler Hansbrough
Yankees vs. Red Sox
Yankees-Red Sox RivalryThe Curse is BrokenRed River Rivalry-Texas vs. Oklahoma
Red River RivalryThe PlayOhio State vs Michigan

Lakers vs Celtics