Ferrari World!


About: Ferrari World is the world’s largest indoor theme park. Its enclosed area covers about 200,000 square meters. The park’s construction started on November 3, 2007 under a partnership between Ferrari and Aldar Properties. The Park just opened to the public on October 27, 2010. The Park is located on Yas Island right outside of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Yas Island is one of the fastest growing tourist locations in the world. The Park offers more than any typical theme park; it offers the ultimate experience of the insides of Ferrari. The park has over twenty rides and attractions, including racing simulators, 4D rides, and the fastest roller coaster in the entire world.


Formula Rosa: Formula Rossa is the name given to the fastest roller coaster on the planet. It reaches its top speed of about 150 mph in about 4.9 seconds. This is so fast that the riders in the front two seats have to wear goggle to protect their eyes. The coaster was designed by Jack Rouse Associates and was built to resemble the Ferrari F1 race car. The coaster is ranked 6th in the world in total length at 1.2 miles. The car is first shot out of the loading area by a hydraulic launch system using 28,000 horsepower. This is the same technology that is used to launch fighter jets off of aircraft carriers. The ride then goes through twists and turns with the sharpest turn at 70 degrees causing up to 1.7 g forces upon the rider. The Formula Rossa is full of thrill and excitement throughout the entire ride.
The 1.2 mile track of the Formula Rossa.
On board the Formula Rossa.