Table of Contents:

- Characteristics of villains

- Top three villains

- Gollum

-The Terminator

-Freddy Krueger


Villains!......We Are EVIL!

What makes us so evil? The characteristics that define evil villains!

Freddy Krueger!

The Terminator!..... Gollum!

A Plan Within A Plan! - Always justifying evil! - A twisted sense of humor!

Does not think that he/she is crazy! -Must win in any way possible! -An evil ambition! -A power of a hungry personality! -Detemined! -I like my Job..Iike it! -Evil is my Middle name!

Villain Number One! Gollum!

  • What makes gollum a great villain?

Gollum's great characteristic value was his voice! HE was always hissing and talking to himself!

Gollum's biggest challenge was to get the ring! HE resisted everything exept for temptation! HE must have that ring!

The ring controlled gollum! Making gollum lustful! Must have that ring!

Eventually at the very end gollum learns that the ring is controlling him!

" All that is gold does not glitter, ( J. R. R. Tolkien ).

Gollum plays an interesting role in The Lord of the Rings, because he represents many things at once. He represents greed, ambition, cleverness!

I believe there is some symbolism in Gollum’s character because he represents greed to its’ greatest extent; Gollum is so incredibly greedy for this Ring, that he will even disregard Bilbo’s sword (and chance at dying) just to get his hands on his precious once again!

I think that perhaps Tolkien(Author) wanted to embody greed and ambition into a character in his story in order to demonstrate the greater evils in this world and what they can do to the greedy. Gollum, once a merry member of the River Folk, became a stretched, disfigured being once his greediness for the Ring took over. He was so greedy for the Ring, that he even killed his cousin Deagol for it. This has a greater representation with ambition, because Smeagol(gollum) wanted the Ring bad enough to kill for it, despite his justifications that it was supposed to be his birthday present.

Altogether, Gollum is a unique, wonderful character that represents multiple ideas or emotions in Lord of the Rings. He represents greed and ambition, yet also displays his battles with himself, proving that he is not altogether evil. I think Gollum is a great character who is underrated and shows a complexity that represents far more than what appears on the surface!

Villain Number Two! The Terminator!

''Give me your clothes now!'' The Terminator! The terminator was the greatest villian in terminator one!

The terminator was a seemingly indestructible cyborg !

The Terminator is an emotionless and efficient killing machine with a powerful metal,but with an external layer of living tissue so that it resembles a human being.

The terminator was great as the Cyborg that was walking around, as a killing machine. His facial expressions were always cold ,and murder looking. Not a smile to find In this killing machine!

Arnold schwarzenegger was a great villain because His chilling as the futuristic cyborg who kills without fear, without love, without mercy was the best villain role he has ever played!

Dont fall Asleep with....Villian Number Three! Freddy Krueger!

One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again!

......Freddy Krueger!

-Do not ever sleep with this guy around!

I had my first nightmare about Freddy Krueger after I'd seen A nightmare on Elm street.I was a comlete wuss! scared to death of how not go to sleep!(and I still am). So just hearing about the movie and seeing images of this malevolent, claw-handed creature who could appear in your nightmares . . . well, it had a very profound effect on me!

It's nice to see Freddy thriving! He was always one of life's runners-up; perhaps, the bad temper.

But Freddy had spirit. He had gumption. He had a sense of the grotesque and a drive to revenge himself on the good-looking, smug, conformist types who always took first place on the podium.

But the biggest difference between Freddy and other villains is how he went about his work.

He invaded the dreams of those he stalked. In the dream world, Freddy has complete control.

That is key to what makes him so scary. In theory, you can escape from other murderers if you had a car, or maybe airplane tickets.

There is no escape from Freddy Krueger!!! You can try and stay awake, popping caffeine pills or watching television,or even drinking red bull! but your body will eventually shut down. While you dream, Freddy can toy with you in any manner he sees fit. He’s a painter, and your dreams are his masterpeices!

Freddy Krueger is easily one of, if not the best supernatural horror killer to ever have been created for a film. Thankfully, the character was able to rebound from previous movies and will be remembered for his ability to keep audiences awake late into the night!......Dont fall Asleep!