General Anesthesia video:

  • There are four main types of Anesthesia:
  1. Local- Local Anesthesia is used to numb a small area on the body
  2. Conscious of intravenous(IV) - uses a small sedative to relax the body.(You will stay awake but may not remember the procedure)
  3. Regional Anesthesia- Blocks pain in a certain area of the body such as an arm or a leg. Epidural Anesthesia which is sometimes used in childbirth is a type of Regional Anesthesia
  4. General Anesthesia- Affects the whole body. A patient will fall into a deep sleep where they will remember nothing and feel no pain.
  • Five gases used in Anesthesia:external image moz-screenshot-1.jpg
  1. Propofol (10mg/cc)[[image:file/view/story.fentanyl.cnn.jpg align="right"]]
  2. Fentanyl (50mcg/cc)
  3. Vecuronium (1mg/cc)story.fentanyl.cnn.jpg
  4. Recuronium (10mg/cc)
  5. Succinylcholine (20mg/cc)
  6. anesthesia_injection.jpg
Graph of the amounts of gases Chris and I need to put each other asleep(safely):
General Anesthesia Awareness:graph.JPG
  • Anesthesia Awareness Campaign:
  1. Anesthesia Awareness (Unintended intra-operative awareness)- Anesthesia Awareness is the state of being mentally aware during a procedure while still being under full general anesthesia. The patient is completely paralyzed and unable to communicate with anyone and to tell them that they can feel the pain and agony of the surgery. (The patient would feel 42% of the pain)
  2. The mission of the Anesthesia Awareness Campaign is to prevent a patient from having the experience anesthesia awareness and its consequences.
  3. Awareness falls in the ratio of about 20,000-40,000:20,000,000
Random Fact:
  1. A random fact about Anesthesiology is that studies show that natural redheads needs up to 20% more Anesthesias then everyone else

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