American Aviation in WWIIBy: Michael McKenzie and Travis Phillips

Table of Contents:
1. F4U Corsair
2. B-29 SuperFortress
3. American Pilot Spotlight
4. Works Cited

__F4U Corsair__


  • First came off of assembly lines in September of 1942
  • Used a “bent wing” design
  • The “Bent Wing” design improved the aerodynamics of the intersection of the plane which led to a higher top speed
  • The corsair’s wheels swivel back 90 degrees and go inside the wings to allow fore a smoother flight
  • Used mostly by marines for land-based missions where it had an outstanding combat record
  • Known as the “Whistling Death” to the Japanese because of the distinctive sound that it made while in flight
  • Used by the U.S.A., Great Britain, France, New Zealand, and Australia during WWII


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__B-29 SuperFortress__

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  • Developed in 1940 - 1st “Strategic Bomber”
  • Began shipping to Air Force in 1943
  • Could carry 20,000 lbs. of bombs
  • Used for transport over the Pacific Ocean and to Japan from China.
  • 8 remotely controlled .50 caliber machine guns located on top and bottom of the fuselage
  • 2.50 caliber machine guns and one 20 mm cannon in tail
  • General Curtis E. LeMay ordered all turrents and ammo to be removed from B-29’s, in order to fly lower, faster, and save fuel.
  • Carried Atomic Bomb (Fat Man and The Little Boy)
  • Dropped atomic bomb on Japan (Bockscar and Enola Gay)
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American Pilot Spotlight:


David McCampbell

  • Born on Jan. 16, 1910 in Bessemer, Alabama
  • Graduated the US naval academy in 1933
  • Won Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, the Silver Star Medal, Legion of Merit,and the Distinguished Flying Cross
  • shot down 34 Japanese fighter pilots
  • shot down 9 planes during one morning’s dogfight with the Japanese. Unparalleled achievement in aviation history
  • Hellcat pilot and Commander of Air Group Fifteen (CAG-15) on USS Essex
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